Fun Fall and Winter Activities

Here are some fun activities you can do for fall or winter; the weather seems to be switching kind of back and forth, so here are some things to do for both seasons!

1. Keep a gratitude journal

A great thing to do, especially around Thanksgiving time, is to list some things you are grateful for! Even the littlest things count. 

2. Go to a Farmers’ Market

While a farmers’ market may sound more like a summer activity, they do have seasonal produce, so you can find cranberries, figs, pomegranates, and apples and pumpkins, all of which could be useful for a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

3. Make/eat Fall Foods

Make or eat apple cider donuts, or candy apples. These are just some fun fall foods to eat- you can find them at farmers’ markets, harvest festivals, etc., or you can make your own!

4. Binge watch a TV series

It’s starting to get really cold outside, so it could be nice to stay in and watch something fun with friends and family. 

5. Knit a Scarf

For either fall or winter weather, scarves can be really useful and a great holiday gift idea.

6. Go for a Corn Maze

You can find them in a lot of places, and they are a fun activity for friends and family. They are often along with fall festivals with games, rides, and foods, so there’s a lot to enjoy!

7. Jump in a Pile of Leaves

Just something fun and childish to do- you could even make it into a game by hiding something and turning it into a scavenger hunt. 

8. Make A Snow Angel/Build a Snowman

If piles of leaves have been replaced with piles of snow, here’s an alternative activity!

9. Have a Cook-Off

It could be really fun to have a fall or winter themed cook-off, especially if you invite lots of people!

10. Visit a Museum

As the weather gets colder, visiting a museum is a nice indoor activity. Do some search for a local museum!

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