Morocco Earthquake: People Coming Together in a Time of Tragedy

Morocco Earthquake- People Coming Together in a Time of Tragedy

A sudden earthquake recently hit Morocco, causing destruction and devastation that has
not been seen there in a century. Homes, buildings, and entire villages are crushed and roads are
blocked and covered in rubble, causing thousands of injuries and deaths; the death toll is nearly
3,000. Law enforcement and aid workers were sent from Morocco (and some internationally) to
find the remaining bodies and help rescue trapped lives. The search mainly continues in the High
Atlas Mountains near Marrakech, which was hit the hardest by the earthquake’s 6.8 magnitude.

Fadel Senna/AFP/Getty Images

Moroccan Citizens Taking Matters into their own Hands:

Many Moroccans thought that the government’s efforts weren’t sufficient and decided to
do helpful things of their own to aid in earthquake relief. When hopes of finding and rescuing
most survivors became dim, people began to send vehicles filled with water, food, and blankets
to help those in need near the Atlas Mountains. Tents were makeshift or provided for those
whose homes and shelters were demolished, and some were even donated. While all these efforts
are certainly helping, too much damage has been done. Everyone; citizens, doctors, police, aid
workers, etc., are all rushing and trying their best to save as much as possible, but the situation is
extremely challenging. Not only are citizens’ homes and buildings too dangerous to enter, people
are suffering from injuries, and rescuers are struggling to get through all the rubble, but the
mental toll is also very heavy; many are having a very difficult time dealing with the tragic losses
of their friends and family.

What Others Can Do to Help:

As is seen, even with the endeavors of all these people in Morocco, help is still needed,
so here are some things that can be done! If possible, people can donate to local Moroccan
organizations that are aiding with earthquake relief- this also helps provide jobs locally. Some
organizations that could use donations are the High Atlas Foundation, which is providing
resources and committing to rebuilding and restoration in the High Atlas Mountain area, and the
Banque Alimentaire, which is a food bank that provides food during emergencies and natural
disasters like these. You can also donate to The International Medical Corps (a humanitarian
organization working with the World Health Organization to get medical help in Morocco), The
World Central Kitchen (provides meals at sites of natural disasters), CARE Morocco (focusing
on aiding women, elders, and families with young children during this time), and IFRC and
Moroccan Red Crescent (they are assisting in search and rescue).


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