The Fascinating Forms of Frost

Seeing how much temperatures have dropped lately, it might be fun to learn about an interesting winter phenomenon- frost. This may come as a surprise, but there are actually many different types of frost. Frost is basically water vapor that becomes solid. It forms when an outside surface cools past its dew point (the point when the air is cold enough to turn the water … Continue reading The Fascinating Forms of Frost

Different New Years Traditions

10 New Year’s Traditions Around the World Many people see New Year as a significant time, filled with new beginnings,  challenges, hopes, and dreams. Like some other holidays, it’s celebrated differently around the world. So as we jump into 2023, let’s find out about how different countries welcome the new year… 1) The United States: The ball drop In the U.S., millions of people gather … Continue reading Different New Years Traditions

Fun Fall and Winter Activities

Here are some fun activities you can do for fall or winter; the weather seems to be switching kind of back and forth, so here are some things to do for both seasons! 1. Keep a gratitude journal A great thing to do, especially around Thanksgiving time, is to list some things you are grateful for! Even the littlest things count.  2. Go to a … Continue reading Fun Fall and Winter Activities