GRPS Email Chain Causes An Annoyance

Earlier this week, on Monday at approximately 11:27 am, I was sitting in chemistry class when I saw my phone screen light up. I tapped on the notification since it was from Gmail and found myself staring at an email with the words “DO NOT LOOK” written hundreds of times. The subject line accompanying the email reads “DO NOT CLICK.”

This email was sent to all students in the Grand Rapids Public Schools district, approximately 14,000 people. Within one day, the email received 80 responses from extremely confused students all over GRPS. Responses to the email included “Please stop emailing,” “What is happening here?” and “Who are you all?.” Some people sent memes, videos, and links, while others made friends with other recipients.

A City student said “I think it was really funny, but it kind of got annoying because I just kept on getting spam after spam. I think someone wanted to get a Cash App for something.” Another student said they didn’t open the email because they assumed it would be a rickroll.

Although it was annoying to get a Gmail notification almost every minute, this random email was an interesting way students from different schools in the district connected with each other. With that being said-do not make this a regular occurrence, please and thank you!

Writer at The City Voice

Hiii! My name is Lia and I’m a sophmore here at City! A few fun facts about me: I’m one of the student ambassador co-presidents, the historian on the NHS executive board, the Chinese Club spearhead, flute section leader in the band program, part of the City Voice, and the class of 2025 student government president! Outside of school I’m involved in Youth Grant Committee or YGC, I’m the executive outreach director for GENUp MI, and I play tennis for Ottawa Hills. Some of my hobbies include spending time with family and friends, reading, playing tennis, and playing my flute.

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