Totally Tea Review

Any boba tea fans out there? Have you ever wanted to get boba at the mall? Well now you can, at Woodland Mall, because there is a new boba kiosk in front of Forever 21 called Totally Tea! I’ve seen many boba tea places pop up, but I have to admit, this one was unexpected. Yet it was a pleasant surprise! As a regular boba tea drinker, I decided to try it out, see what I thought, as well as try out their tea for you, so you don’t have to!

Totally Tea offers teas and milk teas, slushies, and smoothies, as well as specialty drinks that include Heaven In A Cup, Holy Thai Tea, Wowwee Lemonade, The Pink Drink, Double Trouble, Mango Mango, Atari Lover, The Expresso, The Classic, and The Signature.

I ordered their world famous Signature Drink, which was $5.50 for the large. An observation I made about the sizes was the shape and size of the cups. The cups at Totally Tea are round and the cups in general are smaller than cups at other places, so you are getting less tea. If you’ve ever been to Kung Fu Tea before, their large size is like Kung Fu Tea’s medium. I personally wasn’t a fan of this price especially since I was getting less tea.

The drink itself was sweet, but not too sweet or under-sweetened. Totally Tea does allow you to adjust ice and sugar levels, but since it was my first time ordering from them I decided to get the drink the way they usually make it, and there was a good amount of ice for me. I usually want little to no ice, so I’m glad they didn’t add a lot of ice. In addition, Totally Tea has fast service, it only took a few minutes for me to receive my drink! I’m impressed by this, as some places could take 5+ minutes.

Totally Tea seemed mildly busy when I got there, and although their line didn’t compare to Starbucks, I predict that Totally Tea will be around for a while, as the demand for boba in America has risen, and boba tea is quite a popular drink.

Overall, I would give Totally Tea a stamp of approval and rate it a 3.5 or 4 stars (out of 5), because the drink was great — it wasn’t the best boba drink I’ve ever had, but I have no complaints about the drink that I can remember. However, the turn offs were the price and size of the drink. If it were not for those two factors, I might see myself going to Totally Tea for my boba tea more than I plan to. I would recommend trying this place out next time you happen to be at Woodland Mall, it might be the boba place for you! It is definitely convenient if you ever find yourself craving boba tea and need an energy boost while shopping!

Writer at The City Voice

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