Book Review: Chalice of the Gods by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson just wants to have a normal senior year. But so far it has not gone at all to the plan. He recently learned that in order to get New Rome University, the Roman demigod university, he needs 3 letters of recommendation. Turns out that the best way to get them is… by doing quests! The first god that contacts him is Ganymede, the royal cupbearer to the gods who’s super hot and represents youth. Basically, Ganymede was kidnapped by Zeus, Zeus made him cupbearer for the gods, and granted Ganymede a magical chalice that grants godlyship. However, Ganymede has lost his special cup and believes that another god stole it. If the cup, or rather chalice, came into contact with a mortal, it could upset the balance of gods and mortals by turning the drinker immortal. So Percy tracks it down for him in exchange for a letter of recommendation. The trio then visits Hebe’s candy store which is filled with every child’s wants and desires. After encountering murderous chickens and manipulating Hebe into turning into an infant, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover get their next lead, to see Iris. They visit Iris at a farmer’s market. Iris will tell them the lead they need to succeed in finding the chalice, but only if they clean her staff. They must go on a quest to a river to clean it. So they head to the river Elisson, which is filled with monsters and also happens to be the only place that they can clean the staff. After distracting the river monsters, Percy gets the river god’s blessing to clean the staff. Iris then leads them to a park where they discover Geras, the god of old age, who goes by the name Gary. Gary places Annabeth and Grover in a time curse. Percy challenges him to a wrestling match in order to release Annabeth and Grover from the curse and to get the chalice. After much fighting, Percy realizes that he must embrace old age in order to win this fight. So he does and wins the fight. Percy brings the recovered chalice to mount olympus. After a heist style entrance, Ganymede gets the chalice and is able to serve the gods at their godly brunch. In the end, Percy gets all his recommendation letters and is able to apply to New Rome University.

We thought that the book was really good and fit into the universe really well. The plot was captivating and fun. It was really great to be able to read from Percy´s hilarious perspective and particular take on the story. Rick Riordan always blends comedy with adventure and mythology perfectly. Chalice of the Gods was a pretty easy read and much shorter than the other Riordanverse books. It definitely wasn’t our favorite Percy Jackson book, but it was really fun to read and bring all the characters back perfectly. ⅘ stars!

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