The Old Guard: Revisited

The Old Guard is rated R by Netflix. As is the Netflix way, the first trailer for their 2020 summer action film The Old Guard was released only a few weeks before the movie itself, and it naturally generated some buzz. After all, Netflix’s last attempt at superhero cinema adapted from an obscure comic was the Umbrella Academy, a titled watched by 45 million people … Continue reading The Old Guard: Revisited

Spiderman: No Way Home Review

On December 17th everybody’s favorite web slinger made his third solo appearance on the big screen with the release of Spiderman: No Way Home. The movie was a big hit with both fans and movie critics, making this the second biggest Marvel movie in the box office, right behind Avengers Endgame.  As many will recall, we left poor Peter Parker with a revealed identity. This … Continue reading Spiderman: No Way Home Review

Leviathan Falls Review: The Churn, Even at the End

“Nerving yourself up to kiss your big crush for the first time? Or getting [angry] because the apartment one over has a nicer view than yours? Playing with your grandbabies, or drinking beer with the [people] from work because going back to an empty house is too depressing? All the grimy, grubby [baloney] that comes with being locked in your own head for a lifetime. … Continue reading Leviathan Falls Review: The Churn, Even at the End

Foundation Review: Wasted Potential

In episode eight of the Apple TV series Foundation, which wrapped up its first season before break, there’s an extended battle scene where hero Salvor Hardin has to run down a spaceship hallway really fast to draw the fire of a floating AI laser rifle left there by, uh, somebody, so that her frenemy the Grand Huntress of Anacreon can shoot the thing with an … Continue reading Foundation Review: Wasted Potential

Top 3 Boba Tea Places in Grand Rapids

A Taiwan classic. When it comes to bubble tea, there’s a flavor for everyone, even if you are allergic to dairy or lactose intolerant. Whether you’re looking to do a photoshoot, explore other foods, or customize a drink personal to yourself, we’ve rounded up the Top 3 Bubble Tea places in Grand Rapids.  What is Bubble Tea? Don’t ask. Because if you do, I’ll ask … Continue reading Top 3 Boba Tea Places in Grand Rapids

It Ends With Us Book Review

It Ends With Us is rated adult by Amazon. Trigger Warning – This book contains details of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual assault.  Lily has dreams to achieve in New York. In her first couple of months there, she meets an intriguing man: Ryle Kincaid. Stuck between relieving her past and deciding her future, Lily has quite a rollercoaster of emotions headed her way.  I … Continue reading It Ends With Us Book Review

Marvel’s Asking What If?

There are other worlds. That’s the idea behind Marvel’s What If, an out of the box addition to the Marvel Cinematic universe that plays with other possibilities in the canon’s complicated lore just to see what would change. And it offers answers to some big questions.  In an attempt to explore the multiverse opening within the MCU, a new show has been airing called What … Continue reading Marvel’s Asking What If?