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Global Carbon Emissions Have Dropped by 17% During COVID-19 Shutdowns

It has been nearly nine weeks since Michigan schools shut down, and many other countries around the world shut down well before that. Since the beginning of quarantine, scientists have been predicting that the shutdowns will have a significant effect on the environment, but a new study in the journal Nature provides concrete evidence for those claims. Scientists have discovered […]

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What is a Murder Hornet?

2020 is beginning to seem a bit cursed. Our recent headlines have been a bit doom and gloom, first a global pandemic, then increasing quarantines and shutdowns, then desperate koalas, and so much more. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that we now have something new to worry about, “murder hornets”. As the name suggests, these insects are […]

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Turns Out Koalas Lick Trees

With all the worries of our personal COVID-19 quarantine, it can be easy to forget how the pandemic is affecting the wider world. Last week we talked about the Forgotten Role of Plants, so this week we are checking in with animals. Weird stuff has been happening in the animal kingdom since long before the COVID-19 pandemic set in. Even […]

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The Forgotten Role of Plants

We are excited to announce that, although the Earth Week edition of the City Voice is over, the environmental column will continue. Ecology, and economicology, is a big part of academic life at City High Middle. Teachers often discuss issues surrounding invasive species that attack local areas, like Sea Lamprey and the Emerald Ash Borer, but we often forget about […]

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Spy on Monarch Butterflies with the Help of a Hummingbird Drone

Usually the emphasis of nature documentaries is not on how the footage was filmed, but this case is different. The amount of time and effort scientists put into actual nature filming is tremendous, but some environments are harder to infiltrate than others. One such citadel of nature are the fir forests of Central Highland Mexico, where thousands of Monarch butterflies […]

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Earth Day Read: Harvard publishes a study linking air pollution to COVID-19 mortality in the United States as the EPA resists tighter stricter controls on fine particulate matter (PM2.5)

Xiao Wu, Rachel C. Nethery and Francesca Dominici of Harvard University published the first national study conducted on COVID-19 and air pollution in the United States on April 7, 2020. Due to the fact that many pre-existing conditions identified to potentially increase risk of death for COVID-19 are the same diseases affected by air pollution, they “investigate whether long-term average […]

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Earth Day Read: Air Pollution in Many Large US Cities has Declined Due to A Lack of Transportation

Large cities in the US such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York have all seen a decrease of nitrogen dioxide, a gas produced by the burning of fossil fuels in cars and trucks. The lack of traffic is mostly caused by the social distancing rules that prohibit people from going to work and other businesses that are deemed “unnecessary.” […]

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Earth Day Read: Will COVID-19 Have a Lasting Impact on the Environment?

Air pollution and carbon emissions have fallen significantly in the past year, which is great news for the environment, but the question of what comes next is still disputed. Although there are many hopeful signs about pollution, the Center for International Climate and Environment Research in Oslo has estimated a drop in carbon emissions by only 0.3%, and some experts […]

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Earth Day Read: Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, the EPA continues to advocate proposed “Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science” Rule

Proposed by the leaders of the Environmental Protection Agency, under Andrew Wheeler, on April 30, 2018, this rule would determine the research taken into account in future environmental decision making in the United States. The proposal states that “This action provides that EPA will ensure that the regulatory science underlying its actions is publicly available in a manner sufficient for […]

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Earth Day Read: Sustainability in the Time of COVID-19

We are in a time of uncertainty and anxiety, but there is still much we should and can do for the environment. This includes volunteering with environmental efforts (safely) -remotely can be a good option. Many sustainability groups are providing virtual events and opportunities. There are lessons to be learned about climate change from understanding this pandemic. First, early action […]

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Earth Day Read: EPA announces Enforcement Discretion Policy for COVID-19 Pandemic

As the country came under state stay-at-home orders in the last two weeks of March 2020, American Petroleum Institute executives wrote to Donald Trump and the Environmental Protection Agency, lobbying the administration to waive “non-essential compliance obligations,” such as reporting and monitoring for existing environmental regulations on companies. They claimed that relaxed regulations would allow them to distribute fuel more […]

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Earth Day Read: Animals take back the cities

Animals have taken advantage of the lack of people in the streets due to the world wide quarantines. Generic animals that we are accustomed to seeing, such as wild turkeys, raccoons, and squirrels are especially prominent, but more interesting animals have also been spotted. A brazen fox has been seen in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge and a […]

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Earth Day Read: People in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in ‘decades,’ as the lockdown eases air pollution

For more than a generation, the Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world, have been shrouded in pollution, hiding the peaks from all but a few. Residents in the city of Punjab, which sits only about 124 miles from the mountains, are taking to social media to share their pictures of the magnificent mountains. With most of India under a […]