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Copy and Paste the World with Augmented Reality

If you have to spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks, at one point or another you have probably imagined how nice it would be to copy and paste real objects. Fortunately, there’s an app for that! Developer Cyril Diagne has released a modification of Photoshop that allows users to copy objects out of their surroundings using a cellphone […]

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What is Contact Tracing?

Over the past few weeks the news has been full of reports about contact tracing, a medical technique intended to limit the spread of COVID-19. This new technique, coupled with new technology, promises to stop the outbreak and maybe even get us out of lockdown sooner. Despite all of its benefits, contact tracing also opens the door for authoritarian tracking […]

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Doctors Are Using Robots to Treat Patients

One of the biggest challenges with preventing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic is maintaining proper social distancing, but that can be especially difficult in hospital settings. Medical workers regularly put themselves at risk to treat the sick, but with so many cases and an overtaxed healthcare system, the risks are becoming much larger during the pandemic.. With so many […]

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Guitars: A Journey in Time

The guitar is regarded as one of the most iconic musical instrument in history. The guitar is used in various genres of music like country, rock, pop, latin, and more and has become a part of many cultures worldwide. The guitar originated in Spain around the 16th century and was derived from the Guitarra Latina, which was a plucked string […]

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Google Updates Their Sharing System

We at the City Voice spend a lot of time writing and sharing Google Docs, so we know that something as seemingly minor as an overhaul to the sharing system can be a big deal. We are therefore excited to share that Google has overhauled the Google Docs sharing window, making it more intuitive and easier to use. The functions […]

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How to keep your Google Drive data safe forever

Google Drive can be a very helpful tool, especially when it comes to keeping track of all the different projects and assignments students at City have to do. Unfortunately, many of our Google drives are made and owned by GRPS. That also means that when you graduate, GRPS can simply delete your account and all the work you have done […]

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The Snake Named Slytherin

In the forests of Arunachal Pradesh, India, a team of researchers found a new pit viper left undiscovered until 2019 during a herpetological expedition in the area. Pit vipers in general are very similar, they are usually bright green, around a foot long and 12 pounds in weight, and venomus. So what makes this viper so unique? The males of […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Learning

This week City High Middle resumed school, but instead of walking into classrooms, students are participating in online learning. Like any first day of school, the beginning of online learning comes with its own anxieties and miscommunications, but this time it is an unfamiliar set of expectations for all students and teachers. To make things easier to understand, here are […]

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Meet the Website that Will Self Destruct

As one of the people who posted on ‘This Website Will Self Destruct’ suggests everything is temporary if you adjust the scale enough, but this particular website is more temporary than most. Following in the footsteps of such great internet phenomena as the Reddit button, a programmer somewhere has created a website that has exactly 24 hours to live. The […]

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Get a First Look at the New Dune Movie

Since Frank Herbert published Dune in 1965, the book has been a sci-fi classic. While the book certainly has many flaws, with writing and themes that can seem clunky and outdated from a 2020 perspective, the world of Dune is unlike anything else in the sci-fi genre. In the far future of the novel, an age so far away that […]

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Bernie Sanders Suspends His Presidential Campaign

After a long race, early on Wednesday afternoon Bernie Sanders officially suspended his Presidential campaign. In a YouTube livestream, Sanders told supporters to continue “the struggle” in support of the campaign’s ideals. In addition, Sanders emphasized that his supporters can continue fighting for the ideas of his campaign without him as President, using the hashtag “NotMeUs”. The decision, while surprising, […]

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Announcing the 2020 Hugo Award Finalists

The finalists for the 2020 Hugo Awards, one of the most prestigious book awards in science fiction and fantasy, were announced last night. The award conference, which had been planned to take place in New Zealand, instead occurred virtually over a conference call due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Nevertheless, the judges were undeterred and the finalists represent some of the […]

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Meet the Quarantine Dalek

With the Coronavirus crisis reaching its height, people around the world are finding increasingly creative ways to convince their neighbors to stay inside. In England fans of the British show Doctor Who have found a particularly unique way to convey Coronavirus PSAs, a quarantine Dalek. As one of the primary villains of the sci-fi epic, the fictional Dalek empire occasionally […]

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New Social Media for the City Voice

Here at the City Voice we believe that our most important job is providing our readers with valuable articles on the platforms they like. That is why we are relaunching our social media presence under a single, cohesive umbrella that will make it easier to read City Voice articles. None of our old social media accounts will continue to operate. […]