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The 59 Second Minute

December 31st, 2016. The clock was at 23:59:58. Tick. The clock struck 23:59:59. Tick. Now, in a normal year, the time would change to 00:00:00, January 1st. But 2016 was no normal year: Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton had become a nationwide sensation, Harambe had been transformed into a meme, Pokemon Go had taken over everyone’s social life, and the Earth […]

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New AI “Deep Nostalgia” Brings Incredibly Old Photos to Life

Last Sunday, an AI-powered service named “Deep Nostalgia” became popular throughout Twitter. The videos users have made are quite creepy, as the movements of the pictures legitimately look like real life. The Deep Nostalgia service is offered by an online company, MyHeritage, and it uses AI to create an effect that an antique photo is still moving. This is similar […]

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Meet Ingenuity: The First Martian Helicopter

The rover Perseverance was outfitted with a groundbreaking helicopter called Ingenuity.  Until now, Earth has been the only planet with technology capable of sustained flight in our solar system. This might not seem like a big deal, but Mars’ atmosphere is roughly 1% of our atmosphere. For perspective, the tip of Mount Everest has a third of the atmospheric pressure […]

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PSA: Don’t Put Your Router in a Cage

You’ve all read the stories: “Single Mother Brought Down By Electromagnetic Radiation,” “Grandmother Falls and Can’t Get Up Thanks To Electromagnetic Radiation,” “Electromagnetic Radiation Strikes Again: Claims Four Babies,” and the list goes on. Oh wait it doesn’t, because that’s insane. Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by the lights, radios, and Wi-Fi routers in your home, but has never hurt anyone […]

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Military Starts Testing AR Goggles for Dogs

Augmented reality goggles have been around for a while now and have been used for many different purposes. Recently the United States Military has been looking into AR goggles for military dogs! The military has been using highly trained dogs for sniffing out explosives, finding targets, and working with patrols in dangerous areas. The handlers communicate with their dogs using […]

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Google Meet is Getting Breakout Rooms

One of the most used video conferencing services, Google Meet, is getting breakout rooms. This is sure to be very exciting news for teachers who prefer Google Meet, but have opted to use Zoom because they wanted to use the breakout room feature. Unfortunately, they will only be available to G Suite Enterprise for Education customers at first. As of […]

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iOS 14 Pros and Cons

On September 19, 2020, Apple released iOS 14, a new software update for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Apple Watches. While many users were excited about the new features, such as customizable widgets, the update has also caused some major problems for some users.  Before installing iOS 14, you should consider the many pros and cons in order to understand the […]