The sports world was shocked when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers crushed the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl last week. The Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, played the worst game of his NFL career as his team failed to score even a single touchdown. The Bucs dominated on both sides of the ball for a final score of 31-9. The game was never close, as the Chiefs looked horrendous all night, and it was definitely a letdown. Both teams are very good and tremendously talented, but Kansas City decided not to show up on game day, while Tom Brady earned his 7th ring and now has more championships than any other franchise. Overall, everyone was expecting a shootout game that came down to the last minute, but we were all terribly wrong. The Chiefs’ performance made the game downright boring. 

The best part of this Super Bowl was the halftime show. The Weeknd put on an incredible show that was unique in many aspects. Instead of performing in the middle of the field like most halftime shows, he performed in the stands for most of the show. He was surrounded by dancers with red eyes, most likely impersonating robots, and dancers with bandages around their faces like they had just survived a brutal injury. There was a spooky, yet cheerful, vibe, as though to say: “don’t fear,, you’ve already been through the worst. This was definitely a show for the ages and will be remembered for a long time. 

Overall, the game was very disappointing, but the halftime show made up for it. The Weeknd showed the world just how amazing his performances can be. The Chiefs, on the other hand, showed the world how easily they can fall apart.

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