New AI “Deep Nostalgia” Brings Incredibly Old Photos to Life

Last Sunday, an AI-powered service named “Deep Nostalgia” became popular throughout Twitter. The videos users have made are quite creepy, as the movements of the pictures legitimately look like real life. The Deep Nostalgia service is offered by an online company, MyHeritage, and it uses AI to create an effect that an antique photo is still moving. This is similar to iOS live photos feature, which adds a few seconds to a photo allowing for users to select the best shot. However, Deep Nostalgia can be taken by any camera (hurray!). The intended purpose for the application is to allow the user to upload photos of deceased loved ones and see them move around in a lifelike manner. 

In order to access Deep Nostalgia, users must sign up for a free MyHeritage account and then upload any photo. The photo is then automatically processed by the system and it creates a gif of the face. The company also claims that all photos are deleted if the user did not complete the full signup. This protects the privacy of all users and their photos. You can upload 5 free photos before registering for a paid account. 

There are some pretty hilarious photos that people have uploaded to try to push the AI to its limit. Some archaeologists have been uploading photos of statues, including Alexander the Great! Unfortunately, the program only allows for animated headshots, so you will not be able to reanimate somebody walking or running. The AI is almost scarily good, so if you are bored and looking for a new experience, go check this out.

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