Sexism at the NCAA Tournament

The top female college basketball players in the country arrived at the March Madness tournament to see that their “weight room” consisted of one set of dumbbells and a few yoga mats. Meanwhile their male counterparts were given a giant training facility that resembled a commercial gym. The inequalities didn’t end there, photo and video evidence also showed that the women’s teams received less food options, less reliable covid tests, and smaller gift bags. Once photo and video evidence was released the general public was outraged, and several celebrities spoke out on Twitter including men’s basketball player Stephen Curry. At first, the NCAA responded by saying that the inequalities were due to a lack of space, but this excuse was debunked in a video by one of the players. The NCAA followed this with an apology and a promise to take action. Title IX should protect student athletes from this type of discrimination but the NCAA does not have to abide by their rules because they are a non-profit. The NCAA has a history of sexism and they continue to find loopholes so that they give less support to women’s sports.


Written by Fiona Gilman

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