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Gifted (film is rated PG-13) by the Motion Picture Association of America.

I believe that the success for this film had quite a lot to do with the casting. The plot and drama alone was sweet and thought provoking but the actors added a special dynamic that many production companies strive to achieve but never completely reach. There were a lot of good messages in the film but a few missed opportunities to go into more depth in the back stories of the characters. The movie is about Frank Adler (Chris Evans) who is the uncle to  Mary (Mckenna Grace), a seven year old math genius. He is attempting to give her a normal life but the fact that Mary is a child prodigy comes to the attention of Mary’s grandmother, Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan). This results in a custody battle between Evelyn and Frank. It is really heart warming and you might shed a tear with this one.  It’s a great family movie and I would definitely recommend it.

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