Only Murders in the Building Review

Only Murders in the Building is rated TV-MA by the MPAA

The new Hulu murder mystery Only Murders in the Building is a great example of Hollywood mixing generations to create a clever and hilarious TV show. The show follows three True Crime enthusiasts, Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez), Charles Hayden Savage (Steve Martin), and Oliver Putman (Martin Short) on their journey as they get wrapped up in a murder that took place in their apartment building. They start a podcast following the murder and searching for the killer. They really capture what the murder means to each of the separate people. As we follow the murder we also get a front row view of their personal lives and the friendships they are building with each other.

 I think the show is really comforting because the actors in this show have the best relationship with each other. This show is so suspenseful, and it is not over yet, as new episodes are continuing to air every Tuesday. The only criticism I will offer is the excessive amount of profanity. Personally I find it funny, but the show is mature and I don’t recommend it for younger kids.

I think the writers did such a great job capturing each of the characters’ personalities, and every one of their actions and their feelings come through in different scenes. They have grown so much together since the beginning, and I really love the way it shows how the different generations act around each other. This show was so relatable to me because I grew up watching some of these older actors’ movies, and to see them working with an artist and actress who is popular to my generation is fun. It’s really a show that so many different people can enjoy.

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