Six Word Sci-Fi

Every month, Wired magazine hosts a contest challenging readers to write a story that’s only six words long in response to a given prompt. A formidable challenge, but not one beyond The City Voice! These are our writers’ entries in response to the June prompt: “In six words, write a story about a casual encounter with aliens.” Have a six word story you’d like to share? Submit it in the comments below.

The like count was somewhat underwhelming.

Declan is actually an alien. Shocker…

Are you sure that it’s them?

They used filters to look different.

He’s the last ‘person’ I expected.

Phenomenal cooks, best burgers I’ve had.

“Just take the kidneys,” it said.

Yeah, I’m an alien, we exist.

Writers at The City Voice

Either many writers contributed to the creation of this piece or the author wishes to remain anonymous.

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