It Ends With Us Book Review

It Ends With Us is rated adult by Amazon. Trigger Warning – This book contains details of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual assault. 

Lily has dreams to achieve in New York. In her first couple of months there, she meets an intriguing man: Ryle Kincaid. Stuck between relieving her past and deciding her future, Lily has quite a rollercoaster of emotions headed her way. 

I lied when I said that The Song of Achilles was my favorite book. It Ends With Us and The Song of Achilles are officially tied. I read this within two days, which is pretty fast for me to finish a book during the school year, when I also have to contend with all the homework City students receive. This book is the most addictive book I have ever read. In all honesty, I sat on my couch for several hours, only moving to use the bathroom or to let my dog outside as I read. Colleen Hoover has written many books, some of which I have read, although this is by far her best. 

Hoover writes a simple story of an indecisive girl, but the emotion and backgrounds of each side will break your heart. After reading this, I walked into my mom’s room and she asked me, “Lucia, what’s wrong?”. I was confused until I remembered that I had mascara on, which had most definitely run and was very much existent on my face. But even the ruined mascara certainly did not display the amount of emotional conflict I went through while reading this. The characters’ many traits and flaws will anger you, but the amount of emotion that the characters feel for each other will keep you enthralled by their story all the way to the end. 

If you read this book, be prepared to be stuck reading for at least a day (with kleenex) depending on how fast you read, and be prepared to read the most heart-wrenching book.

You can find this book on Amazon, Target, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.

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My name is Lucia and I am a freshman at City High Middle. Some of my favorites things are soccer, reading, Clairo's music, and the movie Little Women.

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