Nadiya Bakes Recommendation: Why I Like It

This 2021 Netflix series sheds light to Nadiya Hussain and those who inspire her to bake/cook. Nadiya rose to fame in 2015 after winning the 6th season of the Great British Bake Off. As this is 2023, you may be thinking why I might be writing about a show that came out 2 years ago. The reasoning is I felt impelled to write about how this series promotes baking as a healthy practice. Not only just producing a homemade/home cooked meal, but the entire process as a whole.

Baking is art. Whether the presentation of the meal or the meal itself. With foods, we tend to lean into our comfortability. Is this dinner even good? Even without taking a bite, I might decide it isn’t. And what happens then? Another meal I did not take a chance on.

Over a couple months I have been cooking frequently, which also gave me the chance to step out of my boundaries. I learned how to chop vegetables, how to make different soups, and how to complete a meal. This dependency for me to make my own food has really improved my overall health. Nadiya Bakes is a prime example of what baking can do for one’s esteem. Initially, I had thought baking was stressful for the attention to detail required. Instead, I learned that any recipe is open to changes, it is now personalized.

Each episode involves multiple recipes and an inspirational chef. Beware though, the show does not come with a dictionary and British-English has a large comparison to America-English.

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