Stand Your Ground

UFC Vegas 37 was an exceptional UFC card. The first three fights saw knockout finishes. After a back and forth match with Antonio Arroyo, Joaquin Buckley scored a knockout finish that earned him a $50,000 performance of the night bonus. After a rocky first round in which Nathan Maness was almost finished, he came back with another knockout victory over Tony Gravely that also earned … Continue reading Stand Your Ground

Opinion: How Rising Medicine Costs Affect Us

In the last decade, prescription drug costs have increased exponentially. These costs are rising wildly, and many people are unable to comfortably afford these new prescription drug prices. Struggling families who cannot afford these excessive prices have to resort to either using less effective medicine or making significant sacrifices. The unfortunate fact is that these medicine prices did not just rise, they are continuing to … Continue reading Opinion: How Rising Medicine Costs Affect Us

Climate Change: How it Affects the Human Body

The weather and climate have obvious impacts on human health, but the change in climate is what can have a serious impact. The seriousness and type of health issues vary from person to person. Things such as the climbing of temperatures, increases in the extremeness and frequency of weather events, and rising sea levels are all just some of the factors that affect people’s health … Continue reading Climate Change: How it Affects the Human Body

What Effect Does Capitalism Have on the Economy?

Capitalism is an economic and political system where private owners (or capitalists) can run the economy for profit, without the government interfering in the production of goods, services, and other products. Additionally, pricing gets set by the free market, Meaning prices are determined by unrestricted competition between privately owned businesses. Capitalism gives people the freedom to gain and develop their wealth and  participate in competitive … Continue reading What Effect Does Capitalism Have on the Economy?

Act II: Broadway Returns

“Opening up, letting the day in”, it’s official, Broadway’s back! As the world ‘moves on’ from the COVID-19 pandemic, normalities are returning, including the reopening of theatres across the country. Curtains closed and the final lights turned down on March 12, 2020 on the assumption that Broadway would return very soon. Of course weeks turned into months, and it took a toll on the nation … Continue reading Act II: Broadway Returns