On the Transition from MYP to DP

It is undeniable that going to a school as rigorous as City is quite demanding in and of itself. A big problem that we all have noticed in the student body is that many students are thrown into the International Baccalaureate Program without the skills or the tools that they need to fully succeed academically during their time at City. There are various skills like study habits, time management, focus, and planning that students struggle with. Some students have been lucky enough to have these skills from the beginning of their time at city, but just as many have had learn as they go. We, as a student body, feel that these skills should not be learned through trial and error. Therefore, the SEED (student educational experience development) group is currently working on putting together beneficial resources for all students so they can access resources that will hlep them improve their school skills right from the beginning without all the trial and error. This is a group that will provide the fastest and most greatly beneficial resources for students to gain advice about the difficulty of classes, importance of projects, City social activities and traditions, and the overall transition from MYP to DP.

One thing I personally struggled with as a junior initially was knowing how to balance my time. It was hard for me to figure out what was most important to prioritizeThat’s why I’d say that time management is super important and can be very difficult. Good time management is vital when going to a school as rigorous as City. When practicing good time management skills students can enhance learning opportunities, lower stress, and improve focus. Time managment itself is a transferable skill that provides an advantage in pursuing a successful career. 

Some other concerns voiced by current seniors have been regarding poor understanding of IA’s and how the final IB exams work. How the IA and exam are weighed to determine your overall score in a subject, what scores you need for the diploma, and the difficulty level of various HL courses have all been major concerns for students transitioning from the MYP to the DP program. However, the most common advice among upperclassmen has been to try not to take it all at once but set monthly goals for research or outlines. For more resources to help ease the transition from MYP to DP contact the SEED group at seed.chms.gmail.com. SEED works with all students to ensure that everyone has a chance to succeed during their time at City. In order to address concerns regarding the transition from MYP to DP, the SEED group with provide helpful tips, regarding time management, study skills, and other important information, to students.