Chinese New Year

A conversation with Mr. Beckwith

Chinese New Year is China’s most important festival and holiday time in the same way Christmas is to many Americans. It is based on the Lunar Calendar and, unlike Christmas, lasts many days. This year the first day was January 25th. The Chinese New Year is generally celebrated for a week, and during that week it is customary to visit different family members every day. Unlike the tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas, it is customary for money to be exchanged over the course of the Chinese New Year.

Chinese language students are celebrating the year of the rat this Thursday at the cafeteria during 8th hour. This annual party is a chance for Chinese students to eat Chinese food, relax, do some trivia, and perhaps watch some tv. The event helps immerse students in Chinese culture and incentivizes students to interact with the language and other cultural experiences. Mr. Beckwith has prepared this party for 8 consecutive years, and it was first started before his time at City. It is vital to remember that this party is planned solely for the Chinese students. 

In addition to this, the Chinese language students are given the opportunity to submit designs for t-shirts. This year’s t-shirt design winner is Lily Johnston and the Chinese language t-shirts will be ready for students to wear by the day of the party. For more questions regarding the Chinese New Year, specific party plans, or more please contact Mr. Beckwith.