Be Nice: What is it and why do Be Nice events matter?

              Be Nice. is a four-step action plan that invites people to Notice, Invite, Challenge, and Empower individuals who may be experiencing changes in mental health. It is undeniable that there is a stigma against mental health and Be Nice hopes to challenge that stigma to ensure that more people are granted access to the resources and help they need. Be Nice acts as a program that uses the action plan for mental health and suicide prevention in a variety of communities. Recently, Be Nice and Grand Valley State University partnered to conduct an evidence-based study to evaluate the effectiveness of the program if integrated in schools and other similar communities. The results of this study indicated that the program creates a “more positive culture and increases mental health referrals and suicide prevention behaviors” (Be Nice). This means that Be Nice chapters throughout western Michigan have been achieving their goal of decreasing stigma against mental health awareness.

              The chapter that has been started at City strives to create the same positive environment that is open to challenging the stigma against mental health as described in the GVSU study. Recently, Be Nice has been planning several events (i.e. all school movie nights, puppy petting days, tailgates, etc.) and selling merchandise in order to help bring awareness to the message that Be Nice hopes to spread. These events are important because they help spread the overarching message of Be Nice to all students. The chapter at City needs YOU to support Be Nice and be an advocate for mental health awareness. You can be a part of something big, and that starts with Be Nice. If you are interested in purchasing Be Nice merchandise please talk to Mr. Tweedale, and for more information refer to

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