The Inside Explanation of CHMS part 2


Q. What is City like for you?

A. I like City — though it’s not a desirable experience all the time — and the people who go there are nice and more mature than other schools.

Q. What’s the hardest thing about City to you?

A. The hardest thing is not giving up while the easiest thing is homework.

Q. What are the best and worst things about City in your opinion?

A. The best thing about City is knowing how good of a school it is and the worst is the weird expectations like how they want everyone, of every age, background, and home situation to be the same yet they encourage uniqueness. However, there is an abundance of fantastic teachers like Sra. Byrnes, Mr. Rizley, Ms. Williams, Mr. Brown, Mr. Jeroudi who care about us. That is a shoutout and it is only a small sample of all the great teachers here.

Q. Is the amount of homework fair? 

A. The homework isn’t spaced out well, but it is being worked on. 

Q. What advice would you have for new people at City?

A. To newbies and those thinking about joining City, you should have a planner.

Q. What is a good thing about City to you?

A. A good thing about City is the high graduation rate but City is not for everyone. 

Q. What would you rank 7th grade in difficulty on a scale of 1-10?

A. Four

Drew Portinga

Q. What is the hardest thing about City for you?

A. The hardest thing is the workload and the easiest thing is getting along with everyone, students and staff alike.

Q. What’s the best and worst thing about City to you?

A. The best thing is the friends and experience City offers, the worst is the homework.

Q. Is the homework load fair?

A. The homework load is fair and it helps for high school.

Q. Was City a tough adjustment from your previous school?

A. City was not a tough adjustment from my previous school.

Q. What is your favorite class?

A. Orchestra or History.

Q. Any advice for new people at City?

A. Be organized. City is challenging but it’s worth it. City is a great experience.

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