The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Review

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (show) is rated by TV-14 by IMDB

Last Friday, the finale of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was released! This show has been following the story of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in a post Endgame world. We get to see the aftermath of what the MCU calls “the blip” in both the lives of superheroes and in everyday lives. One of the strengths of the show, besides the overall plot, is how both Bucky and Sam get their own storylines. It was not just about taking down some new threat. It was about Sam taking on structural racism, Bucky’s healing mental health, and the importance of symbols in culture. The whole season had some amazing cinematography too! 

The season finale did a great job of resolving the plot and each character’s arc while leaving room for some growth. The plot about taking down The Flagsmashers was resolved in a way that led to a powerful message about acceptance and understanding others’ struggles. I loved watching each character’s personal journey too. Sam Wilson takes up a new mantle and goes head to head with structural racism, both as a superhero and in everyday life. Bucky finally finds the peace and happiness he has been looking for since WWII, and shows the importance of finding ways to heal in the process. Overall this show has been an amazing journey, both for the overall storyline and the important messages imparted. It can still be enjoyed without an in-depth knowledge of the MCU, unlike WandaVision,  but it would be better with some previous knowledge. All six episodes are now available on Disney Plus so you cannot go wrong with enjoying this amazing show. Whether you are a big Marvel fan or just looking for something entertaining to watch next, you will not be disappointed!

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