Moon Knight Review

As IB exam season jumps into full swing, another season is coming to a close. Wednesday the finale for Marvel’s Moon Knight premiered and it packed a punch! 

For those of you who have not been keeping up with the latest MCU show, Moon Knight follows the story of Marc Spector and his alternative personality Steven Grant, aka the Moon Knight. Marc makes a deal with Konshu, the Egyptian god of the moon in order to preserve his life. He becomes Konshu’s avatar, and is tasked to “protect the travelers of the night and to deal out (Konshu’s) justice.” Things start to get dicey when a man named Arthur Harrow turns up, judging people in the way Ancient Egyptians thought you were judged after death, through a reading of your scales. Harrow has the goal to create the ultimate utopian society, free of all evil and wrongdoing. But his quest begs the question: who truly gets to decide what is right and wrong, and can you judge someone for actions they have yet to commit? 

Overall I thought the show was really well done.  The plot, while sometimes confusing to follow, was engaging and something the MCU has never done before. I enjoyed their attempt at an edgier vigilante type character, and can honestly say I look forward to meeting Steven and Marc again in the future of the MCU. I thought the Egyptian theme was a unique direction to pull to. Between the darker storyline and the unique aesthetic, Mook Knight truly stands out within the entirety of the Marvel Universe. I also commend the fact that Moon Knight is entirely independent from the rest of the franchise, save for a singular Black Panther reference. This saves the show from getting caught up in what Marvel loves to do, minute cameos of other characters and large amounts of fan service. It kept the whole vibe of the show fresh and unexpected. They pulled a lot of twists that I was not sure they would have the guts to do. While I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I will say I felt like it was missing a piece. The story is wrapped up and yet, I can’t help but have the feeling that something more was supposed to happen. 

Moon Knight is an exciting ride branching out into the greater universe of the MCU. It can get trippy and confusing sometimes, but I promise it is worth the ride whether you’re a die hard Marvel fan or just looking for a next binge worthy series. Moon Knight delivers everything you would expect from a vigilante superhero and more. It marks the dawn of a new era of the MCU.

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