Nation’s League Matchday #6

What is the Nations League?

The UEFA Nations League is a competition for only  the countries in Europe. The Nations League was first introduced in 2018, so it is a relatively new competition. The Nations league is set up so that there are 4 groups: A, B, C, and D. Each one of those groups is split into four sub-groups except group D. Group D has only two sub-groups. The top team in each of A’s sub-groups at the end of the six matchdays goes to the semi-finals. Group A is filled with the best teams and the best performers in the last Nations league. To get to Group A you have to be the best team in your B sub-group. The top teams from each of the B sub-groups get promoted to A group. On the other hand the worst team in each of A’s sub-groups gets demoted to B group and will have to work their way back.

Who are this Year’s Top Four?

The four that are moving on to the semi-finals in June of 2023, are: Croatia, Spain, Italy, and Netherlands. Many were surprised to see how well Italy were doing, due to their failure to make it into the World Cup. The two teams that win the semi-finals move on to the finals, and then they will face off against one another. 

Who is getting Relegated this Year?

The bottom four countries this year are: Austria, Czech Republic, England, and Wales. This means that in the next Nations League competition, these four countries will be in group B. England was the most surprising from this list of countries. England were one of the favorites to win the world cup, and now it looks that they may not make it that far due to their poor form. 

Predictions for Winner

I believe that the winner of this competition will be Croatia. They had the hardest group out of the finalists and came on top. I believe the final’s match will be between Netherlands and Croatia. 

Nations League Group A Standings

Nations League Group B Standings

Nations League Group C Standings

Nations League Group D Standings

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