Kim Jong Un and Putin

Over the past week, there have been some disturbing developments concerning the Russo-Ukrainian War. Kim Jong Un, North Korean dictator, seems to have decided to involve his nation in the war. Un, who has led North Korea for the past 12 years, is believed to have traveled to Russia earlier this week to begin talks with Vladimir Putin over potential North Korean involvement. The White House released a statement on Monday about these discussions, saying that Kim Jong Un is expected to advertise the sale of arms to support Russia in the war. These talks are said to have been initiated during the Russian Defense Minister’s visit to Pyongyang in July and Un plans to continue them. Unfortunately, the White House has yet to formulate a timeframe on when or where this continuation may occur.

If Kim Jong Un does in fact leave North Korea it would be an event that almost never happens. He is known to rarely leave his isolated communist country, and when he does, he travels on an armored train. The U.S. has urged North Korea to cease any talks with Russia and abide by their previous commitments to not sell arms to Russia. The US and their allies hope that North Korea will be willing to cease their discussions with Russia and collaborate with the U.S. and the rest of world to help end the war instead of fuel it. However, if North Korea decide to sell weapons to Russia, it would be drastic for both Ukraine and the future of our world.


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