A Newly Discovered Tatooine-Like Planet

Recently, astronomers have discovered a planet orbiting in a binary star system, meaning that within this system, there are two suns, similar to Tatooine in Star Wars. We’ve discovered more than 5,000 extrasolar planets, or planets that are 30 light years away from Earth, which is relatively close astronomically. However, out of the 5,000 planets, only 4% (or 200) planets are within a binary star … Continue reading A Newly Discovered Tatooine-Like Planet

Asia Cup 2022

After having been delayed two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic and political turmoil in Sri Lanka, the 15th Asia Cup finally commenced in the United Arab Emirates in August 2022. Six teams qualified to partake in the tournament: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Throughout the coming month, the teams were drawn into two groups, facing each other … Continue reading Asia Cup 2022

Premier League Match Week #6

What is the English Premier League (EPL)? These paragraphs are just a crash course on the EPL, if you have already read it or previous knowledge about what the English Premier League is feel free to read ahead. The English Premier League is a tournament for all of the biggest clubs of football/soccer in England. Some notable names in this league are: Manchester United, Arsenal, … Continue reading Premier League Match Week #6

The City Voice Presents: The Pegasi News Network

The City Voice has just launched its new weekly show, called the Pegasi News Network! Streaming every Thursday at 9:40 (during the first 10 minutes of Core Advisory), the Pegasi News Network features pressing issue coverage, school news, important interviews, and the weekly weather. The Pegasi News Network ensures that you get your weekly fix of current events and reminders for school events. You can … Continue reading The City Voice Presents: The Pegasi News Network

Black Culture And Its Influence On Fashion

Fashion trends in this day and age tend to change on the daily, and it’s important to remember the large impact that the black community has had on the fashion industry. There is actually a lot more trends that originated from black culture than most know of. Here are just a few that you may see everyday.  The bucket hat has definitely made a comeback … Continue reading Black Culture And Its Influence On Fashion

What Pakistan’s Floods Can Tell Us About The Future of Our World

As of September 7, one-third of the region of Pakistan is underwater due to a massive flash-flooding period that has lasted since mid-June of 2022. These events followed what Nature has called “an intense heatwave and a long monsoon that has dumped a record amount of rain.” The floods have left 1,343 dead and 22 million affected; hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis were displaced from … Continue reading What Pakistan’s Floods Can Tell Us About The Future of Our World

The Debate On Gun Control

On June 2, 2022, President Biden confronted the people of the United States in a public address, reflecting on the recent tragedies involving gun violence across the nation. The President focused his attention on voicing his view on the matter, urging the implementation of potential solutions to the problem at hand. These solutions include the banning of assault weapons, the increasing the minimum age requirement … Continue reading The Debate On Gun Control