The Superheroes of Peru

On October 31st, 2022, 4 policemen from Peru went on an undercover mission to arrest suspected drug dealers in the country. In order to blend in with the locals, they wore superhero costumes making it look like they were in the town of Lima in Peru to perform an advertisement for a Halloween event so that the mission would go completely unnoticed.

When they found the household that held the drug wielding suspects, Spiderman and his friends busted down the doors with a sledgehammer and sieged the building with all of their FBI, and special ops friends to capture the bad guys. After the operation was finished successfully, the police found 3,250 small packages of basic cocaine paste, 287 bags of cocaine, 127 kilos of marijuana, and the 4 individuals who were prepping for a drug selling operation. The contents found cost the following: (one kilo of cocaine paste sells for roughly U$380 ($600) in Peru while a kilo of cocaine hydrochloride in its purest form, sells for about $1,000).

“In this building an entire family was dedicating themselves to the micro-commercialization of drugs. The drugs were going to be sold in a park nearby,” said police Colonel David Villanueva.

Now that our superheroes have saved Halloween for us we can now sleep well and hope that next year they do the same, and we can for now enjoy our thanksgiving turkeys, and the upcoming holiday season. See you all next week signing out from City’s journalism hero Mr Backpack.


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