The Outcome of the bombing of the Crimean Bridge: Russia’s Response

Last Saturday, Ukrainian forces allegedly bombed the Crimean bridge, which was a main area of transport for Russian forces to receive weaponry and supplies, like food and water. On Monday October 10th Russia had unleashed one of its biggest attacks in months by sending a barrage of missiles, and strikes on Ukrainian cities, Killing/wounding many people.

This lethal Barrage according to to Russian President Vladimir Putin, his forces used “precision weapons” to target key energy infrastructure and military command facilities in retaliation for Kyiv’s “terrorist” actions. While Andriy Yermak, a senior adviser to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said the strikes had no “practical military sense” and that Russia’s goal was to cause a “humanitarian catastrophe.” Even so, these actions were used to scare the public of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian novelist Victoria Amelina:

“I didn’t hear anyone saying that he or she was afraid, or that we should stop fighting. Everyone is ready to fight and win as soon as possible. It all just makes us more angry I guess, although I don’t have too much anger, I just think we have to do what’s necessary.”

– Victoria Amelina, BBC news interview recipient

However even if this attack on Ukraine has not affected the Ukrainian People’s everyday life, it has affected contributors, enemies, and neighbors to Ukraine Like Germany, the US, Belarus, and Poland.

Germany’s Response:
German officials have stated that they are “planning to send Ukraine new air defense systems.”
Known as IRIS-T SLMs, they’re used to “protect the population, important buildings, objects as well as ground troops against attacks from the air,” according to Diehl BGT Defense, their manufacturer.”

The United States’s response:
US official Antony Blinken had issued that “No person of conscience – and no country of principle – could be unmoved by the devastation of these horrors,” Blinken said, promising that the US will continue to provide all kinds of assistance “so Ukraine can defend itself and take care of its people”.

Belarus’s Response:
Belarusian Defense Minister Viktar Khrenin has said his country doesn’t want to wage war on Ukraine or other neighboring countries – but warned against provocations, according to Belarusian media. “The only thing we can say is this: do not provoke us, we are not going to wage war on you. We do not want to fight either Lithuanians or Poles or, especially, Ukrainians,” Khrenin said, according to the Zerkalo website.

Poland’s Response:
Poland has been one of the neutral countries with the Ukrainian war and has been taking drastic measures in order to ensure that their residents are safe from the aftereffects of this warzone. Poland, have started checking the condition of more than 60,000 bomb shelters across the country, a deputy interior minister has said. On top of this for quite awhile now Polish authorities have been distributing iodine tablets to local fire stations to protect citizens against potential exposure to radioactivity following shelling close to Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Now while the tensions between the two military units Russia and Ukraine rapidly increases, we can only hope that the outcome of this war is only positive because currently the direction this war is going is an Internationally regional war. So as this war continues we can use this opportunity to not only learn and consume this information so that when the future comes us the next generation of Adults, and contributing citizens can prevent an issue like this from happening in our future.


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