Día De Los Muertos

The ways we learn of this annual tradition varies, some from experiencing first-hand, others watching a video in their Spanish class, or maybe through movies. My favorites for the holiday’s expression on the screen have to be Spectre, Coco, and The Book of Life. There is so much to celebrate when it comes to your deceased relatives, even if the day never came to meet them. It takes time to see the full aspect of Día de los Muertos, but we can try. So to take notice of the importance of family, and bring thanks to the people they were, here is The Day of the Dead. 

A disclaimer that everyone should know before getting started, Day of the Death isn’t just about death, it is also about appreciating life and the occasion isn’t a replication of Halloween. All around the country of Mexico, photos of friends and family that have passed on are placed on the altar where their body rests. Candles, personal objects, favorite foods, and things that were used by your loved one when they were alive decorate the altars in the cemeteries of many Mexican towns. Tourists come from all over to experience the heritage that completes the Holiday. Towns are spilling with the scents of traditional Mexican pastries, along with skulls made of chocolate or sugar, and displayed colorful art that is to be purchased.

Typically, each day is celebrated by a different kind of death, from Oct. 28 to Nov. 2 is when it takes place. It is believed that the souls can cross the dissolved border from the spirit world to the live world. The offerings will guide your honorary guests to you and the occasion continues with the particular customs, but as time continues, so does the evolution of Día de los Muertos. Last week, (Spanish 2 and 3) our school went on a field trip to the Public Museum to get educated on this very topic. So as the Mexican tradition grows with influence, so does your knowledge of The Day of the Dead. 


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