The Trials: Prologue

From Apprentice

They came when dark had fallen. Stealthy as shadows; they were upon us before we knew it. It was two against three, and we could’ve easily won if the girl wasn’t a magnificent fighter. And if the archer hadn’t cut us down. We were all shot in a leg or arm, knocked unconscious and wakened in an abandoned building. The girl we had seen had pulled off her wig and mask, revealing a pale face and pure white hair. The archer was probably the blond boy, carrying a compound bow, quiver, finger-protectants and all. 

“I am Emma,” the girl said, her voice like melting honey. “We are here to offer a deal.” She paused and glanced at the boy.

“I’m Zach. We have been stuck in the Trials for two years, waiting for someone to pass the third and come to the fourth. We’re from Town L.” He ripped the duck tape from my mouth and told me, “If you help us get out, we’ll help you go home.”

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