Kenna-Long blond-haired 6’5” 13 year old female. Tan skin. Green eyes. 

~ Weapon- Martial Arts, staff

 Weakness- empathy ~Strength- Battle

Austin-Brown-haired 5’9” 13.25 year old male. Olive skin. Blue eyes. 

~ Weapon- Throwing Objects 

~ Weakness- Injuries ~ Strength- Aim

Milo-Black-haired 6’1” 13.5 year old male. Dark skin. Brown eyes.

 ~Weapon- surprise, short-distance combat, crossbow

~ Weakness- Anger ~ Strength- Stealth

Zach-Blondie 5’7” 15 year old male. Darker peach-tan skin, amber eyes; gay.

~ Weapon- Crossbow/Compound bow, hands and feet 

~ Strength- aim ~ Weakness- Power

Emma-Short white-haired 5’4” 15 year old female. Pale skin, violet eyes; gay.

~ Weapon- anything available 

~ Strength- most everything ~ Weakness- Venom/Poison

Ash-Werewolf; human: One grey eye and one blue eye; long, honey-gold hair, male, pale skin, he can control himself in his wolf form, fighter, likes meat, his brother (Max) and sister (Jane), hunting, dislikes his parents; one [close] friend: Sin, gay; wolf: Green eyes, black and grey fur long fur

Sin-Werewolf; human: Blue eyes, Long blonde hair, male, tan skin, uncontrollable in his wolf form, warrior, likes sword-fighting, no family alive, escaped The Maze; wolf: blue eyes, short black fur, bigger than most werewolves

Sin-werewolf; human: blue eyes, long blond hair, male, tan skin, martial arts master, likes sword-fighting, no living family, one friend: Ash, bi; wolf: blue eyes, short black fur


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