Introducing The Trials; An Original Novel

The Trials have been a part of New Australia’s life since the 26 towns ~ named alphabetically ~ were made. Each half year -six months- two randomly chosen towns offer 3 children to go through these mysterious, unknown “tests.” Why are they so unpopular? No kid has come out alive. The number of the letter is critical, if they are evens, they go to Khann City, odds go to Arrowville.

June of 5748, however, proves to be a very interesting year.

Kenna, Austin, and Milo have been chosen from Town Q to go to Khann City. Failure is always an option for them, at every turn and choice and test. But these particular teens have a…fire inside them. Sacrifices will have to be made, hard decisions put into motion. But how far are these teenagers willing to go in order to go home?

Editor at The City Voice

Hi 🙂 I'm Faith, a sophomore here and my pronouns are she/her. I'm just a grammar nerd with some writing talent who somehow found her way to the City Voice. I'll be trying my hardest as a new editor!!