Hamilton: Live vs. Disney+

Ever since Hamilton came out on Disney plus it’s been getting a lot of positive feedback but I was lucky enough to see it in person before the virus hit, so I want to share with you the perspective of someone who saw the play in person before watching it on TV. I am afraid that my perspective is biased because I think anyone who saw it in person would agree with me that there is nothing better than seeing it live for the first time. It is so electrifying and exciting, more of a concert rather than a play. Compared with historical documentaries it is a much better way to learn about the American revolution, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand a word that they’re saying the first time because it is so fast. It is almost real, once you have seen it you will listen to the music for the next two or three months until you have each and every song memorized, and honestly you pick up more information than from watching a three-hour documentary.

You remember things, you catch things and it’s almost like you’re in it. On the television version you can see the actors’ expressions which is really fun, in the live version you can only see their faces if you have really good seats. While I still believe that there is nothing better than seeing it live and in person, my recommendation is to see it on TV due to the ongoing pandemic. The other thing I didn’t like about the TV version was that in order to see the actors’ expressions you have to give up seeing the whole stage at one time, which is difficult because every part of the play matters, especially in this particular play. It’s just not as exciting if you aren’t seeing all the backup dancers and all the set pieces put together, but overall it is fun and you still get to listen to the music that you love and see an amazing Broadway play.

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