For One More Day Review

Everyone makes mistakes, but what would you do if your whole life fell apart? For Charles (Chick) Benetto, a former baseball player, problems with his career, finances, family, and alcohol abuse are enough to make him contemplate suicide. In this book, he goes back to his home town for one more day. 

Mitch Albom has a writing style that is incredibly unique and this book is no exception. This book was written a bit differently than some of his other novels because it was from the perspective of Charles Benetto. This makes it feel so special and so real. For One More Day feels, at times, like a fantasy story, even though it is realistic fiction. That aspect actually made me enjoy reading it even more because it was easier to connect to than most fantasy stories.  This book was published in 2006 but, like most of Mitch Albom’s books, is still popular today. I definitely recommend this book, and I promise it won’t take you long to finish. 

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