Spy School Review

This book is directed to middle schoolers but it is a fun book that anyone could read and enjoy. While it is an action-packed book with a deep plot full of twists, underneath it is also a complex and interesting story about a boy and his friends growing up in crazy and unpredictable circumstances, much like the lives of many of us kids living through a global pandemic. As the series grows so does the relationship between the main character Benjamin Ripley and his new friends. When CIA agent Alexander Hale appears uninvited in Ben’s living room his whole life begins to change. This book is a mystery,  crime, and somewhat science fiction novel but even readers who don’t like those genres will still enjoy it.

Although I’m sure our lives are not as interesting as Benjamin Ripley’s, we all go through some of the same struggles that he is experiencing, except that being a CIA agent in training is even more stressful than going to City. Some would say he was lucky but as this is not what he was planning on doing for a living and he can’t even hold a gun correctly, this may just be a threat to his being. Readers are bound to enjoy these page-turning books that will have you reading late into the night. There are only nine books in the series so far but don’t worry, already there are more books coming out and one is arriving next fall so stay tuned. While you’re at it, you may be interested in some of Stuart Gibbs’s other books such as the Fun Jungle series, The Last Musketeer series, and the Moon Base Alpha Series. Happy reading!

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