Fish in a Tree is about a girl named Ally who, although is a wonderful artist, has never learned to read or write. Ally has dyslexia, a very common learning disorder that makes it difficult to read, write, and spell. It is a heartfelt book about a young girl and her journey through school as someone who can’t read or write. The book follows her as she faces the same challenges as all young children, challenges that are especially difficult for Ally. As you read you learn more about Ally’s personal life, and as the author introduces more characters like Shay the bully or Mr. Daniels the more attentive teacher the book becomes deeper, fishing out of the past of this young girl’s life. Fish in a Tree definitely lives up to its name and has an amazing moral. I recommend this book for all ages, especially as a great family read.


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Writer at The City Voice

My name is Helen Engbers I am 12 years old and am in 7th grade. I have 3 siblings and 2 dogs and I love reading, writing, art, and music. This is my first time on a school newspaper.

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