Homecoming Week

It’s almost the beginning of October which means that Homecoming is right around the corner. Homecoming originally got popular in the 1900s when they had football games and dances to show school spirit and the tradition has been kept up ever since all around the country. Homecoming fashion is usually not too extravagant. Short dresses are the most popular, let us look deeper into some of the most famous trends at the moment for homecoming fashion.

First, let’s start with one-shoulder dresses. One-shoulder dresses are vastly popular right now. Many people like that elegant yet unique look. The history of one-shoulder dresses comes from ancient Rome when men and women wore wrap-around fabric, which was worn in the draped style of dresses. This type of clothing was called a Toga which was swept over the shoulder and folded in multiple different ways, sometimes stuck together by the good quality of wool or they pinned with a shoulder brooch. We have spun our creativity to reinvent the one-shoulder dress and it has grown over the centuries. 

Another popular trend is incorporating sequins or glitter into the pattern of your dress. Everyone loves a good shimmer to their look and glitter and sequins will give you that look. Sequins have caused many problems in the fashion industry. They are big contributors to fast fashion and they also are not very good for the environment either. Sequins were started in fashion by the Egyptians. They were little pieces of currency and they wore them on their clothing to show everyone their wealth. The word sequin comes from the Arabic word for coin which is “Sikka”. This style of dress will not be going away any time soon with the high popularity and the low production cost. 

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Lastly, corsets are making a comeback in this generation and they have worked their way into dress styles as well. Corsets originate from Italy and were worn under clothing. It was meant to emphasize certain parts of the body to flatten or shape. Corsets were invented in 1490-1510. Corsets did a lot of damage to women’s bodies and would be laced so hard it would make their breathing restricted or be compressing their organs or even damage their digestive systems. We have transformed the meaning of a corset. Yes, it is still used for its original purpose sometimes but people will also incorporate it over their clothing as a style or incorporate the corset design into dresses and shirts. The corset design is getting more popular in dresses by the day and even celebrities are reinventing the style.

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