Winter Fashion

Winter fashion is all about layering and knowing the different techniques to make layering look elegant. People have been doing layering since the 90, however a lot of people sway from layering because they believe that it will make them look bigger but that is not the case. Layering has to do with confidence and being confident about your creativity. Let’s look at some of the most popular layering styles for this winter season. 

Recently, the monochromatic look has been very popular, and for good reason. The word monochromatic can be broken down by “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning color. People choose a color of their liking and match different styles and parts of clothing all with the same color even if they’re not the same shade. My personal favorite is a brown bodysuit with some leather brown pants. The monochromatic style can also portray you for that day. You could be feeling more professional with an all-black or white look or carefree with bright pastel colors. You can use your creativity to put together a monochromatic outfit using clothing from your closet. 

Another technique is layering jackets and sweaters. Playing with the different types of outerwear can be fun. You can use vests, sweatshirts, jackets, puffer jackets, fur coats, or others. Layering jackets have more to do with knowing what colors and prints go well together. A lot of the time people will have some solid colors mixed in with patterns so that they have a healthy balance. You can add some other accessories such as necklaces, scarves, or hats on the side. 

One last winter clothing technique would be layering collared shirts. They have become a very popular fashion look in the past couple of years. You can pair a plain white collared shirt with a collar-neck sweater. It gives the very prestigious and glamorous boarding school uniform vibe. People like to put their twist on it and combine their collared shirts with a majority of different colored sweaters. 

Writer at The City Voice

Hi, my name is Anna Wetzel and I am a sophomore at City this School year. I love to sing and I am in choir this year! I enjoy makeup, reading, fashion, photography, and writing. I also really enjoy nature and hiking. If you see me around, don't be scared to say hi.

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