Daisy Jones and The Six Review

Daisy Jones and The Six is a new Amazon Prime series that came out on March, 3rd 2023. There are 10 episodes total and the last two episodes are coming out on March 23rd, 2023 . This will be a non-spoiler review. The series rated 16+ on Amazon Prime. 

This TV show is based on a New York Times bestselling book by Taylor Jenkins Reids who wrote other bestselling books such as The Seven Husbands of Evenlyn Hugo, Malibu Rising, and One True Love. I started watching this series as soon as it came out. I had read the book a while back and loved it so much. It follows a band that formed in the 1970s and their high and lows throughout their path to fame and success. A lot of the characters struggle with things such as addiction or drug use, so please check the trigger warnings first. It is a beautifully written book and I suggest it to anyone who loves reading and music. The show is doing very well in my opinion on how to correctly adapt a book onto the TV screen. I think that when producers and authors want to bring the book to life by making it into a film they should make it into a TV series instead because in most cases they end up ruining the vision and leaving out so many key details when it is a movie. That’s why the producers and directors of Daisy Jones and The Six already had the best start. 

When I watched the first episode I was incredibly impressed by the cast. The cast is perfect in my opinion. The casting director did an amazing job bringing each and every character to life. The costume designer did a great job as well, perfectly dressing each character to fit their personalities. The book was written in interview format (Which is why I highly recommend the audio book) and the TV series is also in the interview format with confessional scenes. I really think that the scenery in the background of each character’s confessional was pretty accurate to their character. I love how they did all of their music that the band made throughout the book. I was very surprised with how they just brought the album to life. However, they have changed the story line a bit but I am not unhappy with anything they have changed, I even like how they changed some of it to add in some new traveling. I really suggest to everyone to go pick up the book, read it, and then go watch the series. If anyone wants to borrow it from me let me know!

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