Things To Do in October

We’re just getting into the month of October, which means that it’s fall. Fall is that time of year for you to go outside to see the leaves or stay home and binge-watch 20 of your favorite horror movies. Let’s get into some of the many activities you can do during this fall season this year. 

This fall some things you can do is going to a pumpkin patch, or picking apples, or getting lost in a corn maze. Pumpkin patches just give you those Halloween vibes and then you can go home and cut them into different ones and put them on your porch! As for apple picking, my favorite place in Grand Rapids to go for that is Robinette’s. They have apple picking, they sell donuts and cider They even have a corn maze as well, which would it would be a great place to go with your friends.

Photo taken from official Robinette’s website

Another essential thing to do is to decorate your house inside and out. You can go to the store, buy some lights, blow-up ghosts for your yard, or you can get some candy, some fake pumpkins, a Halloween towel, and some blankets for the inside. Also definitely get yourself a Halloween playlist to play on your speakers. Here are some good ones.

Another fun thing to do this fall season is to stay inside and watch some good horror movies. There are some good classic recommendations I have: Ghostbusters, Scream, Halloween, The Sixth Sense, Hocus Pocus, Child’s Play, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Some newer movies would be The Purge, Twitches, IT, Hubie Halloween, A Quiet Place, Zombieland, US, The Conjuring, and Tyler Perry’s Boo.

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Hi, my name is Anna Wetzel and I am a sophomore at City this School year. I love to sing and I am in choir this year! I enjoy makeup, reading, fashion, photography, and writing. I also really enjoy nature and hiking. If you see me around, don't be scared to say hi.

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