The Most Popular Sneakers Of The Year

Air Jordan 4 “Red Cement”

Release date: September 9, 2023

Colorway: White, Fire Red, Black, Neutral Gray

Retail price: $210

Description: This shoe puts a red splash twist on the classic Jordan 4 style. You could pair it with neutral color (black, white, gray, etc.) pants and have a neutral color graphic shirt or jacket with red designs on it. You could also finish it off with a red hat to have a monochromatic outfit, one in which you wear the same color or similar shades of one color throughout your outfit. I love these shoes and will be sure to get these in the future!

Air Jordan 11 “DMP”

Release date: December 09, 2023

Colorway: Black, White, Metallic Gold

Retail price: $230

Description: The original DMP (Defining Moments Pack) dropped on the 28th of January in 2006. It was the first Jordan Brand multi-shoe package and was created to pay homage to the shoes Jordan wore during his first championship win. When it was originally sold, the shoes retailed at $295. The Air Jordan 11 DMP that will release in December will also be a sign of thanks, but to all of the loyal fans who made the original shoe such a success. On the shoe you will find a metallic gold Jumpman logo as well as the number “23” on the heel and a hidden “thank you” message on the inner tongue. This shoe will definitely prove to be a popular one in the coming months!

Air Jordan 4 “Frozen Moments”

Release Date: August 26, 2023

Colorway: Light Iron Ore, Sail-Neutral Gray, Black, Metallic Silver

Retail Price: $225

Description: These shoes have been named “the cleanest Jordan 4 of the year”. In fact, I’ll admit that I plan on getting a pair for myself! The Air Jordan 4 “Frozen Moments” has an icy and frosty look with a smooth gray background. The name comes from an old Nike ad back in 1997 which features Micheal Jordan running to the hoop across the court in slow motion to show how skilled he is on the court as a basketball player. There are so many aspects I love about these shoes. For starters, they exhibit multiple different colors of gray. At the bottom, it’s a dark gray but, further up the shoe, it becomes a lighter shade. I also like the silver wings and lace accents. They differentiate these shoes from other gray Jordans designed in the past and they’re the first part you see when first looking at them. You can also certainly wear them year-round and they go well with any outfit.

Air Jordan 8 “Playoffs”

Release Date: September 30th, 2023

Colorway: Black/True Red/White/Blue

Retail price: $210

Description: These shoes are currently at the number one spot for the most sold pairs this week, according to Kicksfinder and Sneaker News. The Jordan brand is celebrating their 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 8s, using this shoe as a part of their new fall 2023 lineup. The 2023 version of the Jordan 8 is meant to be a tribute to the shoes that Michael Jordan wore during the Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns in 1993. I personally don’t like the look of this shoe, but understand why it would be popular for older generations who witnessed the release of the originals and are now watching them be re-released again, years later.

Air Jordan 4 “Thunder”

Release date: May 13, 2023

Colorway: Black/Yellow /White

Retail Price: $210

Description: These shoes were originally released back in 2006 in Thunder and Lightning Packs. The Black Thunder Pack included the Black Air Jordan 4s and a Rare Jacket, sold for $500 per pack. The Yellow Lightning Pack included the Yellow Air Jordan 4s and a Rare T-Shirt. I personally prefer the Black Air Jordan 4s over the Yellow Air Jordan 4s as the darker ones look much sleeker. You can pair these shoes with an all black outfit and yellow accessories such as a bag or hat. I also think that they look best worn with black socks as well. No matter how you wear it, though, make sure to keep your Jordans clean!


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