Short Film Reviews


Director: Daniel Daniel

Release Year: (2020)

Plot: Two friends decide to go through a drive through and discuss what they want from the fast food restaurant and compare the menu to what they want from each other in a relationship.

Rating: 7/10 – I really enjoyed this short film and especially loved the camera angle they used while filming. They were in a car the whole time, a risky move given that most films will usually have just one or two car scenes. The chemistry between the two characters portrayed in the film was perfect as well as you could tell they were different and yet worked so well together. Throughout the short film, the audience hears how they both want different things in their relationship. When it comes to exclusivity, they compare their disagreements to their menu orders and one of them wants multiple things from the menu but the other doesn’t. I loved the comparison of the two topics and how realistic the director made these characters feel. They clearly disagreed but there was no yelling or raising of voices. I thought it was a great short film and would definitely recommend you check it out.

“The Retreat”

Director: Marcus Anthony Thomas

Release Year: (2020)

Plot: The concept of the movie is based on a woman who had a troubling past and is seeking help through a secret retreat.

Rating: 8/10 – this short film reminded me of my favorite movie, Midsommer. Throughout the film, the audience realizes that this “retreat” may not be beneficial to anyone due to the horrible and violent tactics the leader uses on her members. One of my favorite aspects about this short film is the unique shots. They are very similar to those found in Midsommer with close up shots, low angle shots, and long shots. Another part about this short film that I truly enjoyed is the storyline and the ending. The director didn’t exactly explain what this woman had suffered from in the past, making the viewer inferring their own ideas. The end of the film also ends very abruptly, leaving the audience to create their own ending as well. All in all, this was a very intense short horror film.

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