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As there are many artists that have shown their talent, some earn a prize, and others are congratulated. While looking at the list, I see there are many that gain physical rewards. As the list goes on, I now realize that I had barely covered all the art in downtown Grand Rapids. On Friday, Sept. 30, 2022 the Artprize winners were notified, and the sixteen artists and venues made their way to receive awards during ArtPrize’s ceremony.

For the 1st place winner, or winners, Brad and Bryan Caviness, Creation, Destruction, Reflection (DeVos Place).

Images courtesy of ArtPrize

In 2nd place is ‘In My Eyes’ by Florencia Clement de Grandprey, which also is located and displayed at DeVos Place Convention Center. “The message itself is to look out and really enjoy the beauty around us. And maybe they stopped for a moment and actually did that. And also, to look within” she said, earning a total of $15,000 from 2 awards.

ArtPrize is something to look forward to every year in Grand Rapids. The art seems endless as you connect with individuals or people. It didn’t seem long since last year’s event, which makes me grateful for the accessibility I have to this public art. Going downtown and the crosswalk is full of people moving to the next piece, it leaves a great excitement, and you feel the need to go back to see something else. Both of these displays of art are beautiful, it takes so much time to create and construct something like these, but it seems worth it. Congratulations to the artists who participated this year, and thank you for another annual experience to look forward to!


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