The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (Film Overview)

Warning: contains minor spoilers

A standalone sequel to Knives Out (2019), the Glass Onion [: A Knives Out Mystery] is a film directed and written by Rian Johnson. The plot follows the guests of Miles Bron, a tech billionaire, to his very own island in Greece. While they were long-time friends, each guest seemed to have lived lives unassociated with each other. As though their lives would never intertwine, that’s until Miles invites each of them to his island. Suddenly they are the closest friends and proud supporters of this billionaire, all hanging on to the man with it all. If you are wondering where this master detective (Benoit Blanc) may be, he is quietly waiting for the boat as the suspects arrive. A murder mystery game begins on the night of their arrival, and everyone (possibly not the Southern detective) already has something to lose when it comes to Bron. However they owed their success to that billionaire, so when he called or even sent a glass onion, they responded. 

The mystery got cut short by the detective immediately, and later on in the night that fake death is swapped with a real one. Caught in an unexpected turn, the other occupants of the island get paranoid, which include the men’s rights streamer’s girlfriend (Whiskey), the Alpha ex-CEO/co founder (Andi), and the assistant to a controversial fashion designer (Peg). There is also the uninvited professional detective plus Miles’ friend Derol to which both remain calm/collected. With Andi also making her appearance from the start, we still see an uncertainty about her, tensions cause Andi to be the victim to blame and betrayal. 
After watching this movie I would rate it a 3.5/5. Rated: PG-13 for mild language and a suggestive scene. This sequel proved to be entertaining and kept you enticed. However, by the time I stopped to think about several scenes, I had myself a list full of loopholes. This movie is still worth the watch, it just stands more as extravagant, than constructive (like the first movie). A film full of color and vibrance, it stands with individuality. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery can be found on Netflix, which premiered (on Netflix) December 23, 2022. The first Knives Out is not an original Netflix film, but they have signed on for a third.


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