The Second Half

After the last few games, it has become more apparent that the Michigan Football team makes their best plays in the second half. Last weekend, Saturday the 3rd of December, the Michigan Wolverines competed against the Purdue Boilermakers on a neutral field in Indianapolis. The game ended 43 – 22 with Michigan winning the Big Ten Championship. This game is a prime example of the Wolverines giving off a poor effort in the 1st half. A couple minutes into the 2nd half Donovan Edwards makes a touchdown like he hadn’t been spending most of his time on the bench or trapped between the defense (Purdue defenders). ‘Best Second-Half Team in the Country’ was emphasized by the Wolverines’ Quarterback, J.J. McCarthy, which makes me think that their game plan is simple, and not as chaotic as I thought.

My past idea of what Michigan had been doing was playing at a minimum. Nevertheless with a snap its coach’s (Jim Harbaugh) fingers, Michigan would cut ties with their unspoken drowsy plays. I couldn’t even finish the Michigan v. Illinois game from their abundance of mediocre endeavors. Two days later I came to class ready to criticize Michigan to a fellow classmate that thought they would win against Ohio State, it turned out they hadn’t even watched the game. In my defense, beating an unranked opponent (by Top 25 in the country) by only 2 points isn’t something to brag about.The whole idea though? Regardless of how Michigan had played the week before, they still would play their annual no. 1 rival. That being the Ohio State Buckeyes, presumably ranked No. 2 at the time, which would soon be replaced by Michigan (No. 3 before winning). The game’s final score was 45 – 23.

It seems the way you look at the team will change depending on the person or the situation, making the idea incredibly biased. Instead I tried to find some sort of middle ground, but unfortunately there is no way to decide without an opinion used as the cement, more importantly a personal opinion.


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