2 Years Too Late

This weekend I came across more news pertaining to Paris. Random videos of streets being trashed and cars being set on fire. Further intel was needed to learn that this was a protest against the raise in age for retirement. Traditionally, companies in France hire employees for life, but that is no longer the case. Since this transition, the perspective on employment became less of a life goal. 

Emmanuel Macron has been the President of France since 2017 and then re-elected in 2022. If the question is “Why did he raise the age of retirement?” In order to improve the pension system, Macron went to his prime minister to force an unpopular vote. Many stores or buildings are boarding their windows to prevent break-ins by smashing the glass. The protests have been planned since January, and continue to possess similar instances. 

Signs held high by lawmakers exclaiming that 64 is not right or “it”. This took place on the 16th of March at the National Assembly in Paris. The former age of 62, and now to 64 will be completed by 2030. By invoking the constitutional power approved by Elisabeth Borne (the Prime Minister of France), President Macron’s plan is now in motion without a vote. What do you think or feel about the minimum age of retirement in France changing? Do you think the response of workers and citizens in France is right?


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