The Rise of AI Generated Content

What is it?

You ever hop onto social media and immediately see some weird distorted image with a watermark saying “DALL E,”? Yeah me neither, but apparently there’s a thing called “DALL E” which is essentially an AI program on the internet that will create some really surreal images based on some key words you type into its search engine! 

Dall E is what the coding community calls a “transformer language model,” meaning that it  receives both the text and the image as a single stream of data. By training this language model, people are able to not only generate an image from scratch, but also to regenerate any rectangular region of an existing image. What Dall E is, is an AI: artificial intelligence, and using a process called “machine learning,” we’re able to create images like this! 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is quite a simple concept. Think of it like this: Why is a cat called a cat? Well because it has a tail, it has fur, it’s got pointy ears, it meows. We take that information, and shove it into an artificial intelligence, saying that if it detects anything that has those attributes, it should label it as a cat. With machine learning, we have programs like Dall E, which provides capabilities of a 3D rendering engine via natural language.

AI art had been a dream of the past, however it truly reached a milestone in 2015 with the creation of generative adversarial networks (GANs), which were implemented in AI art through Alexander Mordvintsev’s DeepDream algorithm. In 2015 Mordvintsev (who was a researcher in google) found a way to study how machines learn visual concepts (machine learning), and began training them to recognize ordinary objects such as cats, dogs, plants, and eventually this method became a widespread practice among scientists and researchers alike. 

How to make your own AI art

AI art can be very easy to make, whether you want something hyper-realistic in 4k or some strange lines and curves that speak volumes about society. Here are some different programs you can use!

  • Google Deep Dream – The original AI Art Program 
  • Wombo Dream – Browser and mobile application using 2 kinds of machine learning! Neural network to generate images and an algorithm to interpret text descriptions
  • GauGAN2 – Nvida’s (the gpu company) special program that has the ability to convert your sketches into realistic pictures! 
  • Dall E (1 and 2) – These are 2 programs created by OpenAI, Dall E being a less accurate and less powerful version of Dall E 2, utilizing normal sentences and turning them into pictures


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