Will There Be a Halloween Dance?

Is this one of the questions on your mind? Me too! Well, now we know! There will be a Halloween dance on Friday, October 29, from 6-9 pm. All the information is in the City Highlights, but in case you’re wondering, here are the details:

The Halloween Dance is for all grades (including CFE) and happens on Friday, October 29 from 6–9 PM. It is a costume friendly event, so feel free to dress up! Please remember though, even though this is an after hours event, it is still school, so no costumes are allowed that depict or promote weapons, violence or gore. This is a super fun event you do not want to miss! More details about cost will be released soon in the City Highlights. They are emailed to you by Ms. Albin every Friday, so be on the lookout. This is a school event, and sadly, guests are not allowed, but that will not stop us from having so much fun!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Writer at The City Voice

Hi! I am Micaiah and I am a Freshman here at City. This is My 3rd your at City and I am passionate about writing, singing, painting, and animals. Anything fluffy or furry is my best friend!

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